Counselling & 'Life Coaching?'

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What is a life coach and what is
'coaching' / Personal Development?

A coach is a professional who has been trained in the skills required to help individuals, groups and organizations produce positive changes, consider fresh possibilities and support their clients in outlining the steps to be taken to achieve change and personal growth, discover or re-discover one's life 'path,' and achieve short and/or long-term goals. Coaching is an industry which includes professionals from a wide array of personal and professional backgrounds. A Coach can be someone who bases their practice on personal life experience and training they have received from a program in coaching run by a governing body/private company. A Coach can also include those who have educational backgrounds in the social sciences, health professions and/or education. The foundation of coaching is commitment and accountability which are what produces results.

People from all walks of life who have a number of different goals they want to reach, who would like more 'clarity' and fulfillment in life, or positive life changes they want to make a reality, work with Coaches. Some examples of goals and changes people wish to achieve and make include:

  • Gaining more 'clarity' and direction in life, overcoming fears and obstacles, managing difficult life transitions

  • Understanding stress and stress management

  • Time management

  • Feeling more fulfilled in one's profession and/or transitioning into a new career

  • Building and maintaining higher quality and healthier relationships (E.g. friendships, family, work relationships, dating, romantic relationships, etc.)

  • Improving communication skills and boosting one's 'Emotional Intelligence'

  • Changing/addressing detrimental lifestyle habits