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Career Coaching / Consulting / Professional Development

Beginning with the client completing a personality and career assessment toolwhich is based upon the theories of psychologist Carl Jung, I am able to assist students, adult career seekers and employees not only find out which one of the '16 personality types' they are, but how this can assist them in discovering which careers best suit their individual strengths and abilities. Clients will also discover what further training is needed for specific careers and create educational goals and career plans. In doing this, clients are able to narrow their search from thousands of careers, down to a few, revealing to them if they are 'on the right path, or not, and what steps can now be taken. Adults looking for work can then take action to search for/obtain jobs that align with their strengths.

I am also skilled in teaching clients not only how to conduct a proper job search, saving one much stress and time, but apply the many tips and tools I have learned through my past and current experience. In doing this, I teach my clients how to be 'one step ahead' of other job applicants... something that has become a 'must' in today's competitive job market.