Jordon Iorio - Hons. BA, MA Counselling, CCP (Certified Life Coach)

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Scared, anxious, nervous, frustrated and stressed… Those five words describe much of what I personally experienced during many stretches of my childhood, teen years and as a young adult. Fearing what was going to happen one hour, day, week, month and year from now was something constantly on my mind each day… robbing me of so many fun times and experiences. I hated being a nervous wreck much of each week and couldn’t wait for each weekend to arrive because there weren’t as many ‘worries’ on weekends... no chance of disappointing a teacher, no chance of being yelled at by a coach, no tests to possibly fail… no social situations where ‘things could go wrong’… no need to pretend to be sick so I didn’t have to leave the house and go to school… not a great life to live as a young man. I had times when things were going well, where I wasn’t scared or anxious and could actually enjoy the good things in life, but fear, stress and anxiety would continue to haunt me. To the rest of the world, I was a happy, smiley, athletic, smart and handsome young man… but the fact remained that I was suffering privately, letting fear eat away at me and hold me back.

Despite this, I always found a way to push on and believed that life could and would get ‘better’ for me... an internal drive that always there, deep inside me and driven by those who supported and believed in me. I had too many goals that I wanted to achieve and I refused to let fear ultimately win… I never, ever, fully ‘gave up.’ When I was 17 and high school was coming to an end, I knew I had come a long way, but to be successful in university and lead a happier life as an adult afterwards, I knew I needed help. I went to my family and expressed that… and that changed my life forever.

Even during the many tough times growing up, even as a child, I noticed that people, including those I didn’t know well at all, immediately trusted in and felt safe around me. They came to me seeking help and I didn’t know why, but I was somehow great at helping them. I didn’t know it at the time, but later found out that I’m what is called and ‘Empath’ or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)… I not only could back then, and continue to today, quickly pick up on the energy in a room, know how someone is feeling without them even saying a word, but also intuitively and skillfully ‘know’ how to support and help someone when seeking my guidance and support. It was then that I started to notice that I loved how good it made me feel to help and be there for others. It also became apparent to me that I was put on this earth to help others so that they could live better lives and not have to live in fear like I did.

My grades in math and the sciences in high school were terrible (I’m talking BAD) and weren't nearly as good as they were in the ‘arts.’ The arts were where I eventually found a love for social sciences - psychology, behaviour, sociology and humanities… leading me to not only study it in university, but in graduate school where I earned a master’s degree in counselling. It then became my goal and mission to help as many people as I could in my community in overcoming their own fears and personal battles, supporting them in reaching their goals and making positive changes in their lives… exactly what I now aim to do in my Life Coaching and Life Skills Counselling practice.

Having first trained and worked as clinical therapist/counsellor, the most valuable and important thing I learned was that it is not the ‘system,’ technique or philosophy one uses to help others, but the relationship a professional forms with his/her clients is what not only matters most, but is what produces results... And results are what I’m here to produce. I’m here to help as many people as I can by forming genuine, trusting, inspiring and real relationships with them as I support them in their journey of change, growth, navigating life’s obstacles and achieving their goals. I’m living proof that change is possible… and I truly believe that if I could overcome the many obstacles that I did, without shame or doubt, and with the right supports and help in place… you honestly can too!

*Services are CONFIDENTIAL as I view client privacy as an
ethical standard and a top priority*

Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment
— Unknown