My Style/Approach to Coaching

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What I believe makes me and my approach to coaching unique is how I bring my personal and professional backgrounds together. My personal experience with overcoming fear and anxiety, my training, the joy that helping others brings me and my master’s degree in counselling and coaching certification; are all reasons why I am able to bring such a unique and dynamic skill set to the profession of Personal & Professional Development, Life Coaching and Life Skills Counselling.

I use a holistic (considering ALL aspects of a person – bio-mental-social), solution and client focused approach in helping my clients and organizations not only achieve goals and make positive changes, but learn how to better navigate life’s obstacles. It's my goal that my clients not only learn how to feel more inspired each day, but how to be more accountable to and honest with themselves in a gentle and empathetic way. Many coaches immediate and main focus is on the clients’ main goal(s) and their future ONLY... that’s it. I simply don't believe that is enough. My background and training allows me to effectively use 'Life Skills Counselling' in my practice (when suitable to client needs)... something that the majority of coaches do not offer. As an ‘Empath’ or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I treat each client and organization as an individual and tailor my coaching approach them as exactly that, individually, looking at their personality, how they 'operate,' one's self-narrative (the words one uses/how someone ‘speaks to themselves’ each day), their current relationships, communication style(s) and their patterns, habits and behaviours. It’s my belief that, if a professional does not consider all of these aspects of their clients’ lives, they won’t be able to assist them in producing positive, ‘real’ and long-lasting changes.

I don’t offer a generic ‘system’ like many coaches do because of my belief that we are all unique individuals who deserve more than a ‘cookie cutter’ coaching plan to overcome obstacles, make difficult, yet positive life changes and further our self-development. Many of the clients I have helped over the years have truly appreciated this respectful approach and have found it refreshing and effective. Yet, overall, it is the relationship I form with my client’s that is not only of most importance to me, but is of most importance to them making positive changes in their lives, thus spreading this energy to other's and the world overall. I genuinely hope I can begin this journey with you or your organization!

*Services are CONFIDENTIAL as I view client privacy as an
ethical standard and a top priority*