Guidance Counselling

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My goal in offering guidance counselling is to provide a desperately needed service in Ontario and help people discover their life’s purpose when it comes to their education and chosen career. Why do I say that guidance counselling is a desperately needed service? Well, if you attended high school in Ontario, you likely saw a guidance counsellor several times as a student, especially in your final year. As long as I’ve worked in the social service field, I’ve heard time and time again, how disappointed my clients have been with the ‘guidance counselling’ they, and/or their children had received. This disappointment is directly connected to the fact that school guidance counsellors in Ontario have very, very little training in counselling and career coaching. In fact, many don’t realize that school guidance counsellors are simply former school teachers. In America, most school boards in each state hire guidance counsellors who have specific schooling and training in the counselling field. These counsellors are able to provide students with the skills, guidance, and confidence that they need in order to find their life’s passion. That is what I intend to provide to my clients through my education, experience and unique skill set.

I not only assist those who are at the end of their time in high school, but also assist those who feel that a career change has become necessary for their happiness and fulfillment. I have seen clients aged 16-40 who, at times, don’t even know where to begin when it comes to obtaining post-secondary schooling that is appropriate for them and how to get them to where they want to be career-wise.

Academic, personal, parental and social pressures have simply become too much for youth and young adults in our society today and I aim to support people through these difficulties to the best of my ability. Helping people reach their potential is my primary goal. I do this through my caring, flexible, patient and adaptable attitude. I’m here to listen to my clients’ wants, needs, concerns and life stressors and show them how to navigate these difficulties. I do this by walking along beside them as they move towards a career that will provide them happiness and fulfillment each day.

I also provide the following in my guidance counselling practice:

  • Listen to clients’ concerns about academic, emotional or social challenges

  • Provide a proven and effective personality/career assessment that is exceptionally accurate in provide insight, not only into one’s personality and needs, but possible, suitable career paths

  • Help youth and adults of all ages process their problems and plan goals and action steps

  • Assist with college/university applications

  • Refer clients to other service providers and resources when required