Relationship & Image Consulting

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Due to my educational background in human behaviour and the social sciences, and as an INFJ personality type and former clinical therapist/counsellor, I am able to ‘feel,’ perceive and understand how both men and women communicate, behave and discover what each person’s wants and needs may be when entering a relationship. The ‘wants and needs’ of men and women differ greatly and that can present much stress, confusion and discouragement when it comes to dating and forming successful relationships. The ‘Dating Game’ has changed greatly in the past 10 years with the popularity of online dating services and apps affecting how we speak to, communicate with, and relate to one another. Developing the skills to know when to walk away from a dating relationship, begin a dating relationship successfully and avoid the many pitfalls people commonly make in the first few weeks/months of dating someone are all things I can assist you with. What ‘he’ or ‘she’ may be thinking in regards to the relationship can also produce much stress when forming a new relationship with someone and I can assist you with understanding this process and easing your anxiety while: Learning healthy boundaries, improving personal style and presentation, developing effective communication styles and understanding how to be a better overall partner. I am here to coach your way through ‘weeding out’ those who aren’t ready to commit or may be ‘stringing you along,’ how to avoid those who don’t have ‘their stuff’ together and the ‘do’s’ and dont’s’ when it comes to effective digital and in person communication. If you’re ready to restore your faith in meeting ‘the one,’ I’m here to support you through that journey!